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Whether your ball rolls onto the green, is found in the rough or falls into the water, you will face the same obstacles as an outside run. As an amateur or professional, your skills will be challenges and you have the chance to improve your game throughout the year.

Golf-O-Max unmatched level of realism and accuracy can be summed up in three words :


Golf-O-Max proprietary, dual infrared ball tracking system has revolutionizes the way golf simulators are measured. By focusing solely on the performance of the golf ball, after impact, from a wide variety of simulated fairway, rough, and sand lies, Golf-O-Max gives the player the most critical information about ball flight, without limitations.

Two 360-degree curtains of infrared beams emitted at 60,000 pulses per second provide immediate ball flight data. Each proprietary track is housed within a sturdy hard shell frame protected by lexan covers. No calibration or adjustments are necessary nor do any environmental or playing activities threaten the integrity of this system.

This unique combination of ball speed, launch angle, and real time continuous visual ball flight has made the Golf-O-Max system the undisputed standard for which all golf simulators are measured.


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